A husband who stormed out after a row about his wife’s cooking nearly starved to death when he got lost in frozen forest for more than a month.

Yuri Ticiuc, 69, walked out of the family home in Altai, Russia, because his wife’s soup was too cold, but lost his way in dense woodlands.

“I walked and walked but after a few hours I didn’t have any idea where I was and I couldn’t find my way back,” he told local media.

He survived eating berries and leaves and finally collapsed in a field where he ate grain from a haystack and drank snow until farm workers found him too weak and crippled by frostbite to move.

“I thought I was going to die. The temperatures were sub-zero and I was getting really weak,” he said.

“And then one day I heard voices and saw some farm workers. I called them and they managed to get me to hospital.”

Doctors say he is lucky to be alive, but fear they may have to amputate his legs.

“They are severely damaged from frostbite and it may not be possible to save them,” said a hospital spokesman.

Yuri added: “No matter what happens, that’s the last time I criticise my wife’s cooking. Anything is better than rotten hay.”



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