The New Apple of kids' eyes fresh ideas

There’s a new arrival in Bell’s family of teas: hot on the heels of the launch of the first-ever tea for children in New Zealand, Bell for Kids, comes an exciting new flavour variant – Toffee Apple.

Scrumptious and sweet, Toffee Apple joins Strawberry and Honey & Vanilla as flavours of this hydrating and delicious drink that’s a hit with Kiwi youngsters.

Tea has always brought people together, but kids have often been overlooked when it comes to the ritual of making, drinking and connecting over tea. Bell for Kids now means the whole family can get together over a cuppa.  “Now children can enjoy the health benefits of tea and share in the family ritual of tea drinking,” says Bell’s “Tea Guy” Matt Greenwood. “A pot of Bell for Kids is a great way to catch up on the day with parents after school, over a book with grandparents, or as an after-homework treat.”

Bell for Kids is a blend of Rooibos (or Redbush) – the South African herbal infusion that is naturally sweet and caffeine-free – and decaffeinated tea, natural flavours, and sweet blackberry leaves. The result is a really healthy option! It’s decaffeinated and contains antioxidants from both the tea and the Rooibos. The sweetness of the blend comes from the naturally sweet blackberry leaves, and a little dollop of honey helps bring out the delicious flavours even more.

“Being fat and sugar free, with no allergens, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, it’s a really healthy choice for the whole family, especially children,” Greenwood says. The tea’s mascots are Billy, an active dog on the go, and his friend Bella, a sprightly honeybee. Together the characters bring the tea to life for children, creating fun, magic and inspiration.

Just like the Strawberry and Honey & Vanilla flavours, Bell for Kids Toffee Apple is oh-so-yummy with milk and a spoonful of honey.

Find out more about Bell for Kids at, plus a great game kids can play with Billy and Bella.

Look out for the bright packs of 24 teabags in supermarkets nationwide RRP $3.29. If you have any questions on Bell’s family of teas please call the Bell Tea Guy on 0800 4 TEA GUY.

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