2 Minutes noodles just got healthier fresh ideas

Now parents can use their noodle and say ‘yes’ with confidence to their kids wanting to snack on two minute noodles.

New MAGGI Extra Delicious 2 Minute Noodles are baked not fried and have the added magic of invisible wholegrain.

Still with the same great taste and ‘slurp factor’ kids love, the newly reformulated instant noodles have the added goodness of wholegrain for a snack choice parents will love too.
Designed to be lower in salt and fat than standard MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles, the Extra Delicious variety are now equipped with wholegrain power, offering additional essential nutrients. With a 6g wholegrain boost per serve, the noodle favourite now contributes to the recommendation to increase the proportion of cereal foods that are wholegrain.*

Maurice Gunnell of Nestlé NZ encourages parents to ‘use their noodle’ when it comes to family snacking options and keep a close eye on the nutrition labels.

“There is increasing anxiety for parents around choosing healthy snack options for the kids that they’ll actually eat and enjoy,” says Maurice.

“Now with wholegrain as a hidden benefit, plus being lower in fat and salt than standard 2 Minute Noodles, MAGGI Extra Delicious make it easy for health-conscious parents to have the confidence to say ‘yes’!”
As with all their products, Nestlé recommends that Extra Delicious Noodles be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle.

For more nutrition information, parents can visit online, or to get a copy of Nestlé’s guide to healthy eating and activity for children through their ‘Be Healthy, Be Active’ programme, go to www.be-healthy-be-active.co.nz/.
Slurp some up today!

MAGGI Extra Delicious 2 Minute Noodles are available in-store now in packs of 5 (Beef or Chicken flavours).

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