The Collective agrees – morning times aren’t always easy.  Alarm clocks blare before we smack it onto doze for another cheeky ten minutes of sleep, only to realise we’re running late for our day. So breakfast often gets missed!

Now, The Collective are making mornings easier with a breakfast you can gulp and then go! Or even enjoy in the car in the traffic on your way.

Introducing The Collective’s new Yummy Runny Yoghurt with Honey – just shake + pour.  It’s a little sweet, a little tart, and is sure to turn on your taste buds, as a very merry start for any day!

Bursting full of pro-biotic goodness, The Collective’s new Yummy Runny Yoghurt with Honey is the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast;

  • Poured straight onto your favourite cereal,
  • Whizzed around as a base to your fruit smoothies,
  • And darn good poured straight onto your favourite pud!

Now, having breakfast is as easy as Shake + Pour, then run out the Door!

Just remember with so many delightful goodies in the bottle, you’ll have to shake then pour to ensure every gulpful is as delicious as the next.  And because everyone in the family will want to guzzle up this goodness, The Collective have cleverly made it into a family friendly 1 litre serving size – delish!

The Collective Gourmet Yoghurts RRP $5.99 (1 litre)

Stockist Details: The Collective products are stocked at all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information visit The Collective website

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