Television star April Ieremia’s new diet book is now available nationwide.

Says April:
‘After years spent eating like the Hungry Caterpillar, I am sick of it. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months are suddenly years. Then all of a not-so-sudden, I am 100.6 kg. The time has come for transformation.’

Former Silver Fern netballer April Ieremia has struggled with her weight since retiring from elite sport. Just like hundreds of people around the country she just couldn’t get the weight off or keep it off.

Fed up, April challenged herself to lose 30 kilograms in 30 weeks. No gimmicks and no tricks – just eating intelligently and exercising regularly. She enlisted the help of Scott Cottier, former NZ Special Forces trainer, to whip her into shape.

But April found it hard to stick to her goal and keep the weight off. Trips overseas derail her programme; she rewards herself with sweet treats; she battles with herself to get off the couch.

April’s weight-loss journey will strike a chord with everyone who has tried and failed to diet and give them the encouragement they need to try again and succeed.

April’s book April Loses It also features tips from Scotty and an adaptable training programme for readers to follow themselves with no additional cost required – it’s all in the book.

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