Winter is officially here, and with it comes the launch of New Zealand’s newest icon, the all new KFC Pie.

Brimming with tender chicken, KFC’s signature potato and gravy and the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices, the hearty and oh-so tasty new KFC Pie comes encased in delicious golden pastry. Developed in New Zealand for Kiwi taste buds and available for a limited time only, KFC expects the pie to go down a treat with customers when it hits stores next Tuesday.

“We Kiwis love our pies, they’re a national icon,” said KFC General Manager Brent Kitto. “So KFC is very excited to be launching a KFC Pie, a Kiwi icon in the making.” He said the company had been working on the pie for some time after research showed customers wanted something that tasted good and was easy to eat on the go.

Retailing at $4.50 and $6.50 for a pie and regular Krusher combo, the pie will be available at all KFC stores nationwide* from next Tuesday while stocks last.

Don’t miss your chance to try the new KFC Pie, available now nationwide for a limited time.

For more information go to or

* Excludes Auckland airport

 KFC in New Zealand

 New Zealand’s first KFC restaurant opened in Auckland in 1971 serving the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken. Today, KFC has 97 stores and more than 2,700 staff nationwide, offering great tasting, fresh chicken that keeps customers coming back.

KFC is part of the Restaurant Brands Group. Restaurant Brands is listed on the NZX stock exchange and also owns Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Carl’s Jr.

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