Goodman Fielder is shaking up the bread category with the launch of two new breads this month; Molenberg Hidden Grains and Freya’s Sandwich Thins.(both are NZ- First products.)

Molenberg Hidden Grains has all the goodness of finely milled wholegrains, with the soft texture of white bread. Freya’s Sandwich Thins are a healthy thin-bread option for those who find bread too filling.  (‘Fine-milling’ technology produces white bread from wholegrains)

The launch follows months of research and development to meet New Zealand consumers’ demands for healthier bread products, including low carb options and breads which aren’t so filling.

Goodman Fielder NZ’s Managing Director, Peter Reidie says the company has made a significant investment in the research and development of the two new products.

“We have spent a lot of time and resource researching and developing the new products at our R&D facilities,” says Mr Reidie. “Molenberg Hidden Grains is an exciting development as we use a formulation that involves the fine-milling of wholegrains to produce a loaf that has the soft texture of white bread, with all the goodness of wholegrains.

“For Freya’s Sandwich Thins, our research* found that the greatest barrier to some consumers’ bread consumption was perceptions about high carbs. We took this feedback onboard and created a great-tasting, versatile healthy alternative, which is the only product of its kind in New Zealand.”

 Mr Reidie says Goodman Fielder’s mission has always been to provide New Zealanders with quality bread options, and says the company is excited to be extending the product ranges for two popular brands.

“We expect that these two products will be well-received as we are committed to bringing attractive options and choice to New Zealanders. We look forward to growing our market share,” says Mr Reidie.

 Two slices of Molenberg Hidden Grains contains 40% of a person’s  recommended daily wholegrain intake**, and Freya’s Sandwich Thins contain 40% less carbohydrates per serve than an equivalent Freya’s sandwich***. The Freya’s Sandwich Thins range is available in four great-tasting variants; wholemeal, mixed grain, high fibre white and soy linseed.

 Molenberg Hidden Grains and the Freya’s Sandwich Thins range are in store now.


*Sweeny Research NZ September 2011

**The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council Ltd. suggests consumers aim for 48g of wholegrains everyday as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

***45g serve compared to two slices of Freya’s bread (84g).

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