Choosing to make a difference. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder ‘where’ our paper comes from?

From the kitchen, to the bathroom, and every time we sneeze … the paper we choose to use could be making a tremendous difference to our environment.

Introducing Greencane Ecopaper – the company who chooses to make a difference! Unlike most paper companies, Greencane Ecopaper have spent years researching a more sustainable way in which to meet your needs without causing harm to our environment.

Founder of Green Cane Ecopaper; Geoff Arden explains his inspiration;

“I was shocked by the brutal nature of the Pine harvesting method, the land is treated appallingly, and the destruction of entire forests merely for hand and toilet paper seemed so wasteful. I was inspired to find a more sustainable way. After three years working with utilising recycled sugarcane residue we have created new environmentally friendly products; “Greencane Ecopaper””


Sugarcane is a tropical grass grown commercially in over 200 countries. The current world supply of sugarcane is believed to be at a mature stage resulting in no additional demand for land expansion. When harvested, sugarcane is crushed to remove the sugar leaving behind a fibrous residue which can be recycled in a pulp suitable for paper making.

One small change in choice makes a big difference, so today – choose Greencane Ecopaper facial tissues;

  • 100% biodegradable paper.
  • Soft to the touch
  • Equally as effective as tree based products
  • Cost comparable
  • Friendly to “our environment”


STOCKISTS: Greencane Ecopaper products are sold at selected organic stores and New Worlds. For further stockist details and to buy directly online, visit;

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