Introducing KAPITI KITCHEN; making summer entertaining easy!

As the promise of summer stretches ahead, the thought of long hot days at the beach, and family barbecues and get togethers comes to mind.

Introducing Kapiti Kitchen; making entertaining easy this summer thanks to their delicious range of Fruit Syrups. Created from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, Kapiti Kitchen offers a stunning range of creative combinations that are truly divine and proudly 100% natural!

Started by Sue Graafland in 2007 after the success of her lemonade stall at her child’s school fair, Kapiti Kitchen now proudly still hand zests, grates and squeezes every batch by hand. This natural organic style ensures the characteristic textures and tastes of each unique combination are preserved!

As most of us can be guilty of over indulging throughout the summer months, Kapiti Kitchen is the smart choice; low in sugar but high in quality and taste, each flavour is harmoniously balanced, honest and a true taste of nature. All natural, with no artificial flavours or colours and using only 100% natural extracts, Kapiti Kitchen is the refreshing natural choice – and delicious served as a natural soda.

To make the most of your summer, the Kapiti Kitchen Fruit Syrup range includes;


The taste of summer! Picked at perfection, there’s an art to infusing these delicate, beautiful berries. Ruby   red, and with a sweetness that’s not too sweet, Kapiti Kitchen’s Raspberry Fruit Syrup will enliven your glass of sparkling wine, it’s simply divine used in a sorbet, or as a base to your breakfast smoothie … plus the kids will love it poured over Vanilla Ice cream, as a Raspberry Spider – a kiwi favourite!






Freshly squeezed and zested with a dash of real angostura bitters, the seemingly secret extract of tropical plants and herbs brings a bittersweet note to the sour duo. Welcome for an unsettled tummy when poured over ice and soda, Kapiti Kitchen’s Lemon Lime & Bitters also makes for a cheeky wee cocktail;

Brandy Sour; A traditional Cypriot cocktail;

2 parts brandy

1 part Lemon, Lime and Bitters Cordial

Shake and pour over crushed ice and then top with soda water and sliced lemon … enjoy!


This is a Kapiti Kitchen classic. Freshly squeezed pulpy lemons are hand zested to provide a slightly mellowed but still tongue-tickling tanginess. Perfect served simply with still water as a natural cleanser, and on a hot summer’s evening, this makes for a delightfully refreshing Iced Tea when blended with Earl Grey Tea. And for a summers cocktail that’s refreshing, different and bound to please, try this recipe;


2 parts Gin
¾   part Cointreau
¾ part Kapiti Kitchen Lemon Cordial
Fill shaker with ice, add ingredients, shake, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and enjoy!


KAPITI KITCHEN SYRUPS: RRP: $6.50 (300 mils depending where purchased)

$11.99 (750 mils depending where purchased)
STOCKISTS: Kapiti Kitchen fruit syrups are available at leading speciality stores nationwide, as well as selected New Worlds, Pak n Saves, and selected cafes nationwide. For further stockist information, or to buy directly online, visit;




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