Homemade Basil Pesto


Basil tends to be found in most kiwi gardens, as it’s easy to grow. Plant basil as part of your vege patch or have a pot of it not too far from the kitchen. Basil is very versatile, great for general health and making your own pesto will leave you with a superb sense of pride!

To make Homemade Basil Pesto, you will need:

4-6 cloves garlic (depending on your pesto pungency pleasure)
75g pine nuts (I also love a mix of pinenuts and cashews, or even sunflower seeds)
75g parmesan cheese, freshly grated (I also prefer Ornelle pre-grated for speed)
100g grams fresh basil (grow your own or use a Superb Herb pot)
3/4 cup of Olivado olive oil

How to make your own homemade basil pesto:

1. Place the garlic, parmesan, and pine nuts in your kitchen whizz and blend to a grunty paste (not too fine).

2. Add the basil leaves and olive oil.

3. Blend until you reach a desired paste. Season and use as required.

I love pedit on steak, chicken dishes, with tomato on crackers and spooned into mince and vegetarian dinners.

This will keep for about 3 weeks in the fridge. Or freeze it and enjoy the summery taste of perfect pesto over the cooler wintry months.

4. This makes one jar (which is all you really need) but just double or triple to your heart’s content.

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