If you’re not blessed with a gorgeous mane, full of body and bounce, you can now get the look of 11,000 more hair strands in an instant with NIOXIN DiaBoostTM.


As the number one recommended brand for combating a receding hairline or thinning hair, NIOXIN introduces its Hair Thickening Xtrafusion (HTXTM) technology in a new daily leave-in treatment – scientifically designed and tested to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand.

New DiaBoostTM is already NIOXIN’s number one selling salon product in America and is the first product using this innovative new technology to deliver results after just one use.

Hair thinning is a complex and stressful issue that concerns 50% of adults globally. A number of factors contribute to the problem and most treatments require long-term use before sufferers observe any noticeable results. New DiaBoostTM has been proven to produce visibly thicker looking hair after just one use.

While we often associate thinning hair with a decreasing number of hair fibres on the head, NIOXIN scientists have observed that a 5% decrease in each hair’s diameter can feel like the equivalent of losing 5,000 hairs. Compared to the average daily hair loss of 50-100 hairs, this is an alarming difference for sufferers.

Some medications that claim to fight thinning hair or hair loss – including prescription medication – target mainly the number of hair fibres, not their diameter and have to be taken for up to six months before showing noticeable results. For those experiencing thinning hair, having to wait so long to see visible results can be highly frustrating.

NIOXIN’s innovative HTXTM technology within DiaBoostTM specifically aims to solve this issue by boosting the thickness of each hair strand. HTXTM contains caffeine, panthenol and niacinamide, which work together to envelop the hair shaft, crafting a crystalline multi-fibre arrangement that boosts the diameter of each existing hair strand instantly. At the same time, the HTXTM complex also penetrates the hair, making it more manageable and full, as well as thickening the hair shaft at the roots. The result is as if you have 11,000 more hair strands in an instant.

DiaBoostTM is specifically designed to fit easily within the daily shower and hair routine, simply by applying it to towel-dried hair. For best results, massage in to the scalp for one minute, then style hair as normal*5. When used in combination with NIOXIN’s 3-part systems and Scalp Renew range, users can not only expect instantly boosted locks, but also thriving hair that is stronger, thicker and more resilient to breakage.

As the original industry experts in hair thinning, NIOXIN’s unique skincare based approach to hair care ensures that your beloved tresses are well and truly nurtured and protected. It’s time to stop viewing beautiful and thicker hair as a distant pipedream by reclaiming confidence and a voluminous mane with NIOXIN’s innovative new treatment, DiaBoostTM.


  • NIOXIN DiaBoostTM – NZ RRP $64.95
  • Based on a scalp with an average of 100,000 hairs vs. no treatment
  • Based on winning the Behind-the-Chair Stylist Choice Award 12 years in a row
  • Sold in the US under the NIOXIN Diamax name
  • Results from P&G Global Hair Consumer Segmentation Study 2006
  • Results last for up to 8 hours
  • DiaBoostTM is available from NIOXIN salons across New Zealand, For stockists, please visit: www.nioxin.com or free phone 0508 493 552


NIOXIN Hair System Trial Kit
RRP $59.00 
NIOXIN helps to enhance the appearance of thin-looking hair while minimising excessive daily hair loss for both women and men. NIOXIN’s unique approach to hair-care treats both the scalp skin as well as the hair – an approach that has been clinically proven to increase hair thickness and density in as little as two weeks of daily use. Each of the six three-part hair systems are made up of a cleanser, scalp revitaliser and treatment that each contain ingredients specifically tailored to the individual hair needs to assist with breakage and loss that can be brought on by stress, pregnancy, hormonal changes and environmental factors, helping to create thicker, fuller hair.
For stockists, please visit: www.nioxin.com or free phone 0508 493 552

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