This pikelet recipe is simple and the kids will love to help, especially on Mother’s Day. It just doesn’t get any better when you serve up your own freshly made pikelets with jam and whipped cream. A true kiwi delight.

Pikelets recipe…

In a bowl put:

2 cups flour, 5 dessertspoons Sugar, 1 teaspoon Salt.

Break in 2 eggs and mix in about a cup of milk, until it is fairly thick (like the consistency of condensed milk).

If possible, leave your pikelet recipe to stand for 30-45 minutes (not necessary but makes a better pikelet).

Add 2 level teaspoons Cream of Tartar and 1 level teaspoon Baking Soda. Mix in.

Now, cook your pikelets.

If it is too thick then add a little more milk but the mixture is best a bit thicker then they don’t spread too much in the pan or on your hotplate.

My mum always said never to use a metal bowl and don’t leave the spoon in the mixture. Metal starts the aeration process and bubbles start coming to the top and bursting. She also said to get nice round Pikelets, drop the mixture into the pan from the end of the spoon.

I find that I heat up my frypan for quite a while before starting and then turn it down to medium for cooking. Just a smear of butter is enough.

Alternative: Use wholemeal flour which makes them tastier and more filling.

Serves 8


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