We love pork. The pale pink meat tend to have slightly higher fat contents than other meat but that makes the pork delicious and versatile. Here are some interesting 100% NZ pork Facts and Figures FYI.


1st place as the world’s favourite meat protein


30,000 sows farmed commercially in New Zealand


726,400 piglets weaned in 2012


Around 60% of pig farms are in the South Island (due to grain availability, and rainfall and soil conditions that are conducive to breeding outdoors)


20% of meat eaten in New Zealand is pork, ham or bacon


Around 45% of pork meat and pork products sold in New Zealand is imported


Upsow productivity and average pig weight is on the rise


DOWNpig production (numbers) is falling


Around 40% of sows are farmed outdoors


Up to 5 days – number of days a sow may be kept in a farrowing crate before giving birth


Up to 4 weeks – number of weeks a sow can be in a farrowing crate with her newborn piglets


Up to 4 weeks – the time a mated sow can currently be cared for in a gestation stall (as part of the phase out of gestation stalls)


0 days – a sow can be cared for in a gestation stall from December 2015

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