This is a refreshing summer punch recipe which all the family will love. A traditional punch very kindly handed down to us from the amazing New Zealand fruit family Barkers.

Serves 10

A refreshing summer punch for all the family.

Makes 10 large glasses


You Will Need:

2 tbsp black leaf tea

2 each of whole cloves, cardamoms, mint leaves

1 litre freshly boiled water

1 c Barker’s Blackcurrant & Raspberry Fruit Syrup

750 ml ginger ale, chilled

1.25 litres lemonade, chilled

Ice cubes

1 chip each of fresh raspberries and strawberries (quartered)




Place tea leaves, spices and mint in a tea pot and add boiling water.

Stir and allow to steep for 5 mins before straining. Cool.

Stir tea, Barker’s Blackcurrant & Raspberry Fruit Syrup, ginger ale and lemonade in a large punch bowl or jug. Add ice cubes, raspberries and strawberries.

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