Mother Earth has launched two new, irresistibly delicious nut packs: Salsa Cashews and Deluxe Mix Nut & Seed Bites.

 Mother Earth Salsa Cashews are freshly roasted with a generous coating of tangy, salsa seasoning for a real burst of flavours, including tomato, coriander and lime.

Salsa Cashews

Mother Earth’s new Deluxe Mix is a mouth-watering blend of nuts, dried fruit and unique nut and seed bites. These little bites contain the goodness of nuts (almonds and hazelnuts) and seeds (sunflower, chia sesame and pumpkin), and are coated in creamy yoghurt chocolate. Mixed with whole almonds, hazelnuts and cranberries, this Deluxe Mix is not only a delicious snack, but is also a source of fibre.


Great for entertaining, the new nut packs from Mother Earth make tasty nibbles for the summer barbeque season and are a great accompaniment to cool beverages.


Just like the entire Mother Earth range, the new Deluxe Mix Nut & Seed Bites and Salsa Cashews are made with minimal processing– quite simply, that’s nature at its most delicious!


Mother Earth Deluxe Mix Nut & Seed Bites and Salsa Cashews are now available in supermarkets nationwide in a convenient, re-sealable 150g pack with a RRP $4.99.


Crack open a bag of something nutty and new this National Nut Day on 21st October 2014.


For further information on these new products and other offerings from Mother Earth, visit  Join Mother Earth on


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