Prenzel rice bran oils have got some history with New Zealand.

Prenzel was the first to start infusing cooking oils in NZ in the 1990s. They decided to replace an olive oil lemon infusion, then being imported from Italy, with a technical improvement. With their background being in essential oils, they knew where in the world to go for the most vibrant lemon oil. Using it, they were able to replace the Italian oil (that was made by cleaning the olive presses with lemons at the end of a production run) of which the chefs we knew were complaining about the juice it contained, which spat everywhere. Over time, the line of infused Rice Bran Oils in the Prenzel range expanded.

Prenzel’s range of Rice Bran Oil is infused with a selection of delectable flavours to give your cooking a jumpstart without increasing the effort required. Available in Asian, Butter, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon, Lime, Onion, Rosemary and Tuscan. Natural and low in cholesterol, it contains high levels of vitamin E, lecithin and antioxidants. Rice Bran Oil is known as the good oil. It has a high smoke point making it perfect for cooking at high temperatures.

You can find them in a limited number of retail outlets or at


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