Smirnoff sees the potential in any ingredient to make a great drink – in fact, it sees the potential in everything around you from sidewalks as dance floors, paint cans as drum kits and now… a concrete truck as a drinks mixer!


Smirnoff is proud to unveil its newest and biggest concoction yet, the Smirnoff Mixer – a concrete truck that has been retrofitted to transform it to act as a giant cocktail mixer!


Inspired by its #PurePotential campaign, Smirnoff will be launching the Smirnoff mixer over the New Years period and will be found parked up at Baywatch campsite in Gisborne and Rhythm and Vines, where it will be mixing Smirnoff drinks and providing water to festival goers.


When the Smirnoff Mixer the bowl spins one way it mixes the drinks, when it spins the other way it delivers the liquid to the top of the bowl and through a chute where it will be served by bar staff.


The liquid is loaded into the tank using food grade vessels that are poured into the silo at the back of the truck keeping the process in line with health and safety standards. Custom water tanks also feature on either side of the truck, which Smirnoff will be serving to people to help them pace themselves throughout the festival.


Lana Blair, from Smirnoff says:  “Smirnoff’s #purepotential idea is about looking at everyday objects in a new and exciting way, whether that’s making a cocktail from odds and ends in your fridge to completely repurposing a cement truck as potentially the worlds largest drinks mixer  – it’s all about experimenting and having fun.”


You can track the Smirnoff Mixer’s movements over summer by following Smirnoff on instagram @smirnoffnz.

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