Always scratching your head about New Zealand cookery measurements? Don’t worry. Here is a quick go-to guide for all things NZ measurement in the kitchen…

Dry Ingredients

Using New Zealand standard metric measuring cups and spoons

1 cup = 250 millilitres (250ml)

1 tablespoon = 15 millilitres (15ml)

1 teaspoon = 5 millilitres (5ml)

(Note – The Australian tablespoon = 20 millilitres)

All measures are best taken level. To measure dry goods, spoon into cup and it is not necessary to pack down. Level off moving the back of a knife across the cup. The only exception is when measuring brown sugar – pack it firmly into the cup. The mound will hold its shape when turned out.

Where a recipe uses 4 tablespoons, it’s a ¼ cup.

The term “dash” is used if measure is less than ¼ teaspoon. “Pinch” is a sprinkling held between fingers.

Preferably use weights for large measures only, e.g. 1 kilogram flour;  1.75 kilograms apples.

Use weights to an even 25 grams –

1 kilogram (1kg)

375 grams (375g)

250 grams   – (1 cup)

125 grams  –  (1/2  cup)

75, 50 or 25 grams

(Again 30 grams is an Australian measure)

Liquid Ingredients

Use New Zealand standard metric liquid measuring jugs or cups. The full level marker is below the lip of the vessel.

Convert millilitres to part cup measure or tablespoons, e.g. 60 millilitres = 4 tablespoons.

1 cup = 250 millilitres (250ml)

For large volumes use 1 litre

4 cups = 1 litre (1L)

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