Juicy Sirloin Steak

Yay, BBQ time! This mouth watering sirloin steak recipe is easy to prepare. Just 20 minutes to buzz around your kitchen getting things ready then just 20 minutes til it’s hot, juicy, steak goodness is on your table. Heavenly for those iron levels and perfect for the BBQ.

Serves 4.

NZ Sirloin Steak w roasted Beetroot, Celeriac and Watercress


4 x 200-250gm Sirloin Steaks
6 tbsp rice bran oil
1 Large Celeriac, peeled and cut into pieces about 2cm thick
2 Cloves garlic
4 sprigs Fresh Thyme
2 tbsp Caramelised Onion Jam
1 Bunch Watercress, washed and picked into stems about 10cm long


Preheat your oven to 200 C.

Put beetroot, celeriac, garlic and thyme in a heavy roasting pan, season well and toss
through with rice bran oil.

Place in the oven and roast the vegetables for around half an hour or until fork tender. Stir

Pre heat a heavy bottom fry pan (preferably cast iron) or use your BBQ.

Coat the steaks with oil and season well on both sides.

Cook the steaks to your liking (for medium rare it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 mins per side,
depending on the thickness of the steak and how hot your BBQ or pan is).

Remove the steaks from the heat and leave to one side to rest (for a minimum of 5-6 mins).

When the roast veges are cooked, remove from oven and stir through the Onion Jam.

To Serve
Stir the Watercress through the roast veg and place on the bottom of the plate. Give the steaks a quick flash back on the heat if they need it and place them on top of the hot vege salad. Serve with flavoured butter or bearnaise sauce. Fresh vegetables like broccoli and baby carrots are also a winner with this steak. Or a grunty pasta and beans (as pictured).

Cooking Tip
A drizzle of aged Balsamic and extra virgin Olive Oil will really set this dish off.

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