This fabulous NZ Feijoa Wine recipe is awesome for Autumn. As the feijoas fall from your hedge or trees, just gather them up and think about all that free feijoa wine you’ll be enjoying…

Serves 20

To make homemade feijoa wine, you will need:

5kg of feijoas (scoop out the flesh, freeze, thaw then squash it, or use fresh up to 10kg)

6 litres of boiling water

2 camden tablets (from home brewing stores).

How to make Feijoa Wine:

Place the above 3 ingredients in a big bucket with a lid and stir twice a day for three days. Then strain into another bucket (cover it with cheesecloth to keep the bugs out) or a large fermenting bin (fitted with an airlock if possible) and add:

1 sachet of wine yeast (from home brewing stores)

2 teaspoons of yeast nutrients (from home brewing stores)

4kg of sugar (you can get away less, say 2-3kg) but fermentation will take longer)

Another 2 litres of water.

Final steps:
Leave until it stops bubbling… which could be a month, or several. Then bottle.

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