Two Travel Channel TV shows coming up in July that have a food/drink angle.
The first show follows Andrew Zimmern, American TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher, around the globe for his show Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations. The second follows cocktail connoisseur Jack Maxwell as he travels the world discovering new drinks and customs
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Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Series 1 : 1 Premieres on Saturday 18 July at 20:00 

Follow Andrew Zimmern as he visits the world’s most delicious destinations. Starting in Athens, Andrew explores traditional Greek dishes including stuffed grape leaves, moussaka and spanakopita. Then he’s off to Florence, to sample the original cappuccino and, of course, Italian ice cream.
Andrew enjoys tasty baguettes and savoury crêpes in Paris, before heading across the Channel to London for a good old Sunday roast. A jaunt across the pond finds Andrew in Boston for some clam chowder and scrod, which tastes nicer than it sounds. In New York, Andrew scours the Big Apple for some big pastrami sandwiches and the all-American hamburger. Then it’s probably time for a long lie down and a couple of laps round Central Park.
Booze Traveler Series 1 : Premieres on Saturday 25 July at 21:30
Join cocktail connoisseur Jack Maxwell as he travels around the world one drink at a time. Jack’s a native of South Boston where everybody knows your name and the local bars serve as neighbourhood living rooms hosting everything from family dinners to wedding receptions.
Follow Jack as he travels the globe seeking out the places, customs and cultures behind drinks served around the world, from volcanic beer in Iceland to the traditional Peruvian beverage Masato (also known as spit beer). It’s a tough job, but Jack’s prepared to do it – Cheers!
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