Courgettes, Americans call them Zucchini, belong to the squash family so if they were left growing to the full size, they can be as big as a baseball bat! That’s when they are called marrows.

Courgettes are usually harvested while still very young, under 20cm in length and so the seeds inside are still tiny and soft. They are one of my family’s favourite vegetables (well they are actually a fruit). Not only are they tasty, but also very nutritious. A good source of folate and niacin which are both important for maintaining mental health and supporting growth.

Here is a refreshing Courgette salad recipe. Enjoy…

Serves: 6 to 8 as a side salad
Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: none
5 courgettes, use a vegetable peeler, lengthwise to make thin strips
2 or 3 courgette flowers, torn with stamen removed
1 handful of broccolini, blanched
1 handful of green beans, blanched
Toasted sesame seeds
Pepper to taste
1 handful mint leaves
Juice of 1 lemon
Zest of half a lemon
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, finely grated
1 fresh chilli, finely chopped
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
How to make Courgette salad with zesty mint dressing

To make the dressing, mix all ingredients in a blender, or use a jar with lid to shake up the ingredients and refrigerate.
Blanch broccolini and beans in the sink by pouring a jug of boiling water over them and leave for 1 minute. Drain the sink, refresh with cold water and leave to cool.
Toast sesame seeds in a non-stick pan until slightly golden. Arrange all vegetables on a platter or shallow bowl with the torn flowers on top. 
Pour dressing over salad and place in the fridge to marinate for at least an hour. 
Sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving.
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