Broil King New Zealand is educating kiwis on exactly how a Broil King BBQ can deliver a flavour like no other.

Q: Why do these grills not come with a hotplate?
A: A hot plate blocks the exchange of flavour through the food and is effectively frying your dinner. By having a grill where the heat and smoke can permeate the food, the beautiful smoke infusions go right through your meat and vegetables giving you that unmistakeable BBQ flavour. The capturing and smoking of these juices from the grill also result in less waste going to the grease trap meaning – you guessed it; less clean up.

Q: Do you know where BBQ flavour comes from?
A: It comes from the juices of your food dripping on to the hot contact point below the grill which turn to smoke and infuse back through your food giving that amazing bbq taste.

BK Imperial bbq lifestyle

Broil King Features  – Quality build from top to bottom means that anyone can enjoy amazing flavour any night of the week with the peace of mind that it will last for years to come. There are options of full stainless steel models and enamel options. Broil King bbqs utilise 304 grade stainless for the heat sensitive areas of the grill, and 430 rolled stainless for the exterior – this grade has shown the best resistance to corrosion from salt and high moisture conditions.There are many cheaper alternatives which claim to have high grade stainless, but in fact are inferior in construction, durability, flavour and finish. So instead of picking up a cheaper replacement grill every 2-3 years, do what more people are doing and buy your last bbq first.

I have a colleague who still cooks on his Broil King after over 17 years of grilling and its still going strong! Historically a common issue with BBQs across the market is the burners don’t seem to last more than 2-4 years unless you’re spending several thousand dollars. Broil King have doubled the thickness of the burners giving high output and greater durability; they’ve stood behind this quality by extending the guarantee from 5 years to a whopping 10 years – now that’s confidence you can put your money behind.

Most models in the range come with a lifetime warranty on the cookbox giving owners great confidence in knowing that if anything happens to compromise the integrity of the cookbox – it will be replaced as long as you live. This confidence in North American manufacture bodes really well with kiwis, and anyone who has owned a Broil King in the past would buy one again without question.

The Broil King range
There’s something for everyone from portable models at $399 through to twin hood grills (which are essentially outdoor kitchens). The great Broil King cooking system that delivers great barbecues every time are consistent across the range whether you’re going with a single burner or to the flagship Imperial model. For 2015 we’ve released a new charcoal addition to the market. The Keg 5000 is the perfect answer to the purists among the smoker and low & slow movement. These cooking techniques use a lower temperature and an extended cook time to get melt in the mouth results whether you’re cooking roasts, pulled pork or rib racks. The Keg is different to other charcoal grills as its an insulated steel cookbox instead of ceramic – the heat retention is comparable, but in the event you knock or happen to drop the keg – it won’t shatter! Even cooler, you can get a trailer hitch that allows you to load the grill straight on the back of the truck for those weekend trips away – dinner will be done by the time you arrive!

Versatility – In demonstrations this season I’ve aimed to take people beyond the classic steak and sausages, Broil King has tested to be the best BBQ in Consumer magazine for flavour and build quality, now I want to expand what anyone can do on these amazing outdoor grills. I haveprepared soups, pizzas, healthy falafel savouries, whole pork roasts, beer can chickens, bacon and egg breakfast muffins, and the list goes on. At most demonstrations we’ll prepare a sweet section usually chocolate or red velvet muffins all on the BBQ – these are a real eye opener especially to the ladies.

Value –  Consumers are increasingly seeking quality and bang for buck and you don’t see many better examples of money wasted than a beat-up old bbq sitting under the tree in the yard which hasn’t been used in years. Broil King seek to expand the outdoor kitchen by giving great results on the basics, but with the range of accessories you can be cooking on your grill all year round. The feedback I’ve had from owners is that once they bought the grill, they stopped ever cooking meat in the house, and use their bbq 4-5 nights a week year-round. If you were ever unsure of whether you would get value from a Broil King, you’ll never want to pay for another steak meal at a restaurant in your life.

Further to this; Broil King are well reputed as a high output BBQ, we use the full power to get the grill up to temperature within a few minutes, then we scale it back and do the bulk of your cooking between medium to low temperature, this can be achieved due to the fully enclosed cookbox and heat retention in the heavy cooking grids. Ultimately you’ll spend less on gas, get great flavour and longevity by investing in a Broil King.

 The Potential  – Food fashion is one of the fastest moving trends these days, with the likes of the Food Network, MasterChef and MKR we’re seeing everyday folk outwardly growing their culinary expertise. The beauty with Broil King is whatever direction you want to take your grilling, you have the best possible grilling medium to bring your ideas to life.

For the guys: All Broil Kings are heavy duty, high output grills capable of handling whole roasts, and the best part is; you don’t have to clean it – it’s self cleaning!

For the Ladies: Your man will want to drive the grill and grab the reigns far more often when it comes to outdoor cooking, and the ease of use with our grills. This again means no clean-up afterwards, and no nasty smells through the house long after dinner is over.

See your in-store Broil King specialist for the full Broil King story and the best fit grill for your family!  Broil King is available at 4Seasons, Mitre10 Mega, and selected StihlShops and independents in your area.

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