Eggs are the unbeatable choice to kick-start your day, proven to deliver significantly more protein than many common Kiwi breakfast choices.


A recent report by The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation confirms that eating two eggs on toast provides more protein than other breakfast staples including toasted muesli, wheat biscuits, porridge, yeast spread on toast and puffed rice.

The report reveals that two eggs on toast has more than double the protein (104%) of toasted muesli and milk, and 144% more protein than two pieces of toast with yeast spread.

“With many breakfasts based on carbohydrate foods like cereals and toast, the important role protein plays in setting us up for the day can be overlooked”, New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Dietitian, Sarah Hanrahan, said.

Eating protein-rich foods like eggs at breakfast will give you sustained energy and keep you feeling full for longer, meaning reduced temptation to snack on less healthy foods later in the day.

“Sustained energy is especially important for youngsters who need fuel to get them through a school day,” Hanrahan said.

“We do get some protein from breads and cereals, but the addition of high protein foods like eggs, which are quick and simple to prepare, can easily and significantly boost the protein content of a breakfast.”

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, now is a great time to think about what‘s really achievable and realistic – such as creating good breakfast habits, she adds.

“Less than 10% of us will be successful in achieving our set resolutions iii, so instead of making extreme promises about weight loss and exercise, why not make small improvements in your everyday eating habits.

“Make a change you and your family can stick with. Breakfast is a great place to start and the benefits are real. They include improvement in academic and physical performance, less snacking and a reduced likelihood of weight gain.”

Below outlines six favourite New Zealand breakfast options ranked by level of protein. Results are drawn from the ‘Protein content of breakfast options report, 2015 – The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.’

Eggs and two pieces of grain toast 2 eggs (size 6), white & yolk, poached
2 slices toast bread, mixed grain, prepacked
Margarine (10g spread)
1 21.2gms
Wheat biscuits with milk 4 wheat biscuits (66g)
1 cup cow’s milk, trim 0.5% fat
2 18.6gms
Puffed rice with milk 2 cups (68g) puffed rice
1 cup cow’s milk, trim 0.5% fat
3 14.2gms
Porridge with milk Rolled oats (40g), traditional wholegrain
200ml cow’s milk, trim 0.5% fat
4 13.6gms
Toasted muesli with milk ½  cup (60g) toasted muesli
½ cup cow’s milk, trim 0.5% fat
5 10.4gms
Two slices of grain toast with yeast spread 2 slices toast bread, mixed grain, prepacked
Margarine (10g spread)
Yeast spread (5g spread)
6 8.7gms

Please note: Products used were independently selected as the category market leader. All options deliver two serves of grain as defined by The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, Protein content of NZ breakfast options report.

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