The word OKE is Maori for oak tree and based around the whole adage “from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow”.  Paul Dickson, from the Head2Head Charity Group is now working with Libby and Ben Crawford of The Block NZ fame to develop the OKE brand and are soon to relaunch as OKE, Growing Mighty Kids!

The goal for OKE is to install the Growing A Future project into every Primary and Intermediate school in Papatoetoe, Auckland, by the end of 2017. This will enable 6,000 kids up to the age of 14 years of age to get their hands dirty and grow their own veggies, whilst developing many other great skills.

Having already launched successfully at Papatoetoe West School (which has an enrolment of 800 kids), OKE have their support to help get the other schools on board. They also have some other cool projects in the wings.

This kind of project which will have a long term impact on the issues faced by New Zealand today.  There are too many “non-profits” delivering projects which are merely sticky plasters to the issues and not long term solutions. One of OKE’s goals is to plant 1,000 fruit trees in Auckland over the next couple of years (we’re currently at 120).

The kids today will reap the benefit in terms of skills to nurture the trees but not the actual fruit, but in five years time, if these kids do their job, that 1,000 trees could provide over 25,000kg of fruit to kids around Auckland…then there’ll be no excuse for a kid not to have access to fruit!

To get involved or find out more information or help OKE out, click here.

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