Symbio™ Probalance™ has launched two new fruity wholegrain flavours that will help support you to get your balance back. 

 The new flavours, Feijoa & Apple + Wholegrains and Nectarine + Wholegrains, are full of goodness – with each serve containing more than 5 billion natural DR10™ probiotics, plus calcium and fibre to help restore digestive balance. 

 Nutritionist Angela Berrill says probiotics everyday can help take care of your tummy health and overall wellbeing.

 “There’s a lot of research coming out now which suggests there may be a link between tummy health and mental wellbeing, with the digestive system being termed as the ‘the second brain’,” she says.

Symbio probiotic yoghurts are an easy, everyday way to look after yourself from the inside out.  Symbio wholegrain yoghurts are gluten free, low fat and contain fibre and calcium, key ingredients for supporting your digestive system.

 “A simple, easy way to support digestive balance daily is through what we eat.” she adds.

 Symbio’s new flavours can be enjoyed on their own, in a smoothie or blended with oats for a wholesome bircher. Just one serve of Symbio probiotic yoghurt a day will help restore your balance and support your inner wellbeing. 

 Take the Symbio 14 Day Challenge and we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.


Symbio Probalance Feijoa & Apple+Wholegrains and Nectarine+Wholegrains are available now in leading supermarkets. RRP from $4.99 for the 4 pack and $4.69 500g tub.

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