Expedia.co.nz has today released further findings from its annual State of the Nation report, revealing New Zealanders are increasingly embracing multi-generational travel, seeing it as an opportunity to spend quality time with the whole family – not just a chance for a free trip from the oldies and a helping hand with the kids. 
In the lead up to the Easter holidays, Expedia is seeing searches for family hotel rooms increase more than 55% year-on-year, as more than two in five (40%) of Kiwi travellers report they have been on holiday with more than one generation of their family in the last two years. This figure rises to 45% among Kiwi parents. 

Overall, almost all parents (99%) believe multi-generational trips are a nice way to spend time as a family and half of Kiwi parents (51%) always took them prior to having children. Who foots the bill plays a part, with 41% of Kiwi parents reporting that their multi-generational trips are funded by the older generation. 
Regardless of who pays, parents value the additional help looking after the kids on a multi-generation holiday with 77% saying it makes their holiday more relaxing. Women appreciate the extra sets of hands more than men with 84% of women saying multi-generational travel makes their holidays more relaxing versus 70% of men.
Almost a quarter of Kiwi parents (24%) admit they probably wouldn’t invite grandparents, aunties or uncles if it wasn’t for the free babysitting. 

Expedia.co.nz travel expert, Kelly Cull, says: “A multi-generation escape with parents, kids, siblings and grandparents has a positive impact on all family members as they explore, learn and laugh together. What’s more, children get to enjoy the company of other relatives while parents can catch some brief moments alone.”
“There are lots of excellent accommodation options on Expedia.co.nz, like serviced apartments, for travelling tribes that allow everyone to share the fun but also have their own privacy, which is important.”
Expedia.co.nz’s top five recommended destinations for travelling tribes this Easter:
1.       Queenstown
2.       Fiji
3.       Gold Coast
4.       Cook Islands
5.       Taupo  

Kiwi parents not deterred by long-haul travel with kids
Longer flights can lead to cabin fever and restless children however the State of the Nation report reveals extended travel time doesn’t deter New Zealand parents. On average, Kiwi parents are willing to travel up to 12 hours with their kids to reach a destination.
Travel time aside, parents are taking kids on holidays abroad thanks to greater affordability of overseas destinations and cheaper flights. Over three quarters (77%) of New Zealand children of international travellers (parents who have travelled overseas) have been overseas. 

Kelly Cull added: “While visiting family and friends overseas and opening our children’s eyes to new cultural experiences are key motivations for travelling with kids, it essentially comes down to affordability. With holiday packages offering reasonably priced deals for families, and cheaper flights thanks to low-cost carriers, international family holidays are enticing.”

Taking flight at a younger age gives kids the advantage in counting stamps in their passports. On average, New Zealand kids have visited up to four countries while the average adult has travelled to eight. The head start is a result of today’s kids receiving their first passport, on average, at 3.1 years old – a stark contrast to the average New Zealand international traveller (aged 18 and over) who received theirs at 17.5 years of age.

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