Take your taste buds back in time and enjoy the indulgent flavours of deep golden caramel and old-fashioned butterscotch with the launch of Lewis Road Creamery’s latest flavoured milk.

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Double Caramel Milk has been created in collaboration with one of New Zealand’s favourite foodies, Chelsea Winter.

Together, Chelsea and Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane, have developed a rich and creamy milk that delivers a double dose of nostalgia with every sip.

The recipe blends Lewis Road Creamery’s pure, permeate-free whole milk and two distinct caramels – a deep, golden caramel and a butterscotch. Created in the Lewis Road kitchen in small batches, the challenge was then to scale the recipe for all of New Zealand to enjoy, without losing that special, home-made taste. Mission accomplished.

The final product uses only real, old-fashioned ingredients, so no numbers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

And the result? “It’s insanely good,” says Chelsea.

“The double dose of caramel sees the deep roasted, golden caramel – with a hint of burnt sugar – combine beautifully with the sweet notes of silky butterscotch with its old-fashioned tofee flavours, to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia. I am sure it will make a lot of New Zealanders very happy.”


Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Double Caramel Milk is available in all leading supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide in two recyclable bottle sizes. RRP $6.49 (750ml) and RRP $3.69 (300ml). #Dairyshouldbethiswonderful #CaramelLove

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