Alison Holst’s Pumpkin Soup is legendary in my house.

It was one of the first recipes I mastered as a young cook and in turn one of the first I taught my son.

It is still a family favourite so I was delighted to see it included in the latest offering from Simon and Alison.

The new book, Everyday Easy 100 Soup Recipes, combines tried-and-true recipes, with some ‘new favourites’.

The beauty of Simon and Alison Holst’s’ recipes – no matter what level of skill you have you can enjoy them and it reminds us of just how wonderful good basic home cooked food is.

On a cold winter’s evening it’s hard to imagine anything more comforting than a bowl of hearty soup, something to really ‘warm the cockles of your heart’,

as Alison’s mother would have said. Hot soup really does make everything seem just a little bit better.

This collection includes over 100 of Simon and Alison’s favourite soup recipes, from the slowly simmered (Alison’s speciality) to soups that can be made surprisingly quickly, perfect for satisfying after work weeknight meals (leftovers are great for lunches too!).

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There’s something for almost any budget too – most soups are remarkably economical. They are fantastic for turning unassuming (and often cheaper) ingredients into something much greater than the sum of the parts.

A simmering stock pot has been a feature of kitchens for centuries and sometimes soup is the forgotten hero of the comfort food world.

But soup isn’t only for cold nights! There’s a soup for every occasion in this new book. From cold soups such as gazpacho in summer, laksas and other Asian-style soups, which are delicious at any time of year, to thick farmhouse-style soups, something to tempt you regardless of the weather.


Everyday Easy 100 Soup Recipes RRP $34.99

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