He’s long been recognised for his cheeky humour and his love of a good sauvignon blanc on his show – now he’s got a cheeky new Kiwi vintage wine to his name too!

Invivo wines & Graham Norton, Bantry Ireland (2)

Popular chat show host Graham Norton is back for a second year with award-winning Marlborough wine company Invivo – and he invited Invivo cofounder Tim Lightbourne and winemaker Rob Cameron over from New Zealand to Cork, in Ireland, to help them blend a distinctive 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and Graham Norton Shiraz.

‘Last year Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc was arguably the most successful New Zealand wine launch, and is one of the most successful wine collaborations in history,’ says Tim, who spent a reportedly riotous blending afternoon with the funloving Irishman before settling on the final blend. ‘We think this is because Graham is so hands-on with the process, and a shareholder in the business. It’s a partnership that will continue to grow.’

Graham Norton’s Own Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is described as a five-star wine, ‘filled with gorgeous passionfruit, nectarine, feijoa and lime zest flavours. ‘It’s fragrant and intense, and delivers loads of tasty flavours backed by juicy acidity. A hugely appealing Sauvignon with varietal purity and power that finishes superbly long and refreshing.’

Says Graham of his favourite sav: ‘It’s easy drinking. It’s got all the grassiness and zest you expect from a new world Sauvignon Blanc, but I like to think it has a bit of an old-world finish. Oh, and it’s affordable!’ And at just $18.99 (available from New World, Pak’n’Save, Liquor King and other good liquor outlets nationwide) he’s right. Grab your bottle today – and let us know what you think. Does Graham have a good Kiwi palate?

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