Food waste is a huge problem. Not anymore with the fabulous Sunbeam FoodSaver.

NO more wasted spinach in the fridge which goes off after 2 days with slime.

NO more leftover roast meat getting bad before you can munch it.

NO more needing to defrost something out of the freezer every day for dinner….

The Sunbeam FoodSaver saves you from food wastage!  Giving you fresh food for longer, this incredible vacuum sealer allows you to keep food fresh in the fridge (and creates an even longer shelf life if frozen)


More than simply giving you fresh food for longer though – the Sunbeam FoodSaver is also perfect for:

  • Vacuum-sealing those baby clothes that the not so wee one has grown out of
  • Filleting and vacuum sealing your catch while you’re still on the boat
  • Perfect to have in the campervan as you head away on holiday
  • Keeping coffee beans fresh (simply cut and vacuum seal for the freshest plunger every time)

The FoodSaver is a MUST HAVE kitchen saviour. A true game-changer.

Congrats to our FoodSaver winner: McKenzie Collins of Red Beach.

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