Have been at a wellness conference recently and am inspired with all the new bits of knowledge coming my way.

The biggest lesson: your human body is a direct reflection of your soul. And you are what you absorb.

I have definitely been encouraged to try a lifestyle change (more water, more greens, more exercise) but was discouraged to go on a diet. What happens when you go on a diet? You come off the diet then beat yourself up that it didn’t work.

The biggest threat to New Zealanders is Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. Not to mention adrenal fatigue, cancer and back problems. These can all be addressed with a lifestyle change.

Here are the foods to kill diabetes (Life Mastery, Anthony Robbins, August 2016):

Red, green and yellow capsicums
Zucchini or courgette

courgette_6 tomatoes_3

The best greens?

Arugula or rocket
Any leafy green

Kale pic_broccoli1300

Their list of “human killers”?
– Sugar
– White Bread
– Fizzy drinks/Soft drinks
– Cookies/Biscuits
– Crackers
– Pastry
– Flour
– Ice cream
– Pasta/Rice/Potatoes
– Sweetened milk
– White or beige foods
– Alcohol
– Margarine, shortening
– Frying in oils


Their rule was:

White – keep it out of sight (although I disagree here on cauliflower!)
Beige, back away
Brown, slow down
Green, Purple, Red, Yellow – go, go, go! (this is obviously in their natural state)



Eat half a cup daily of raw walnuts, macadamia nuts and pistachios. The best three.

LOW RES Walnuts 2

The 10 best oils:
Omega 3, 6, 9 (Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA). Tony Robbins likes UDO’s Oil.
Hemp (but may fail drug tests)
Fish Oil
Walnut Oil
Seaweed Oil
Sunflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Almond Oil


Vitamins to take daily – always with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon squeezed in:
– Vitamin C
– Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3-6-9)
– Fish Oil
– Vitamin B
– Vitamin D3 (or get out in the natural sunshine, 15 minutes, no sunscreen)
– Magnesium
– Multivitamin of your choice

GO Healthy GO Multi Everyday 30caps

For wellness, commit to a daily practice of physical and emotional expansion:
– Stopping the poisoning
– Cleanse often to detoxify
– Revitalise and rejuvenate yourself – give your body what it needs: good food and exercise.

One doctor (Dr Dean Ornish, author The Spectrum) suggested red wine and dark chocolate were OK in small doses. We liked his presentation :))

red wine flavours

We also loved the approach of Dr John Gundry, author of Diet Evolution. He loves salmon and turmeric. So do we.

Every speaker was against GMO. They say it’s GMO-verload! And definitely to try organic veges where you can. In other words, utilise your local farmer’s market and grow your own garden – big or small.

And each medical professional thoroughly recommended colonic hydrotherapy to beat bowel cancer. Tried this, uncomfortable at first, but wow, what a release! Andrew Law and Michelle King of Gumtree Retreat in Australia (brought into the event by Namale Resort) say “We believe that holistic cleansing is the essence of life and vitality”. I would have to agree. Take care of the bowel and see what the rest of the body can do. Key point: Whatever poisons go in, must come out.

And if you’re stuck and this nutrition business is just too confusing? Go for a walk.

So, how tox-sick are you? Nothing will take away your wealth faster than disease. And your body will heal itself when it is in balance. We dare you to participate in your own rescue.



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