Cool bananas! Time to win with OOB.

New Zealand’s favourite fruit is now available in the freezer.

Local fruit company OOB Organic has claimed a New Zealand first with the launch of the only frozen banana product.

In a busier-than-ever society where convenience foods that don’t compromise on taste and nutritional value are at the top of the shopping list, new OOB Organic Sliced Bananas give us the opportunity to enjoy certified organic bananas in a portion-controlled way.

With 42% of a banana being skin, consumers are able to get more value out of frozen bananas. The snap-frozen technique ensures the high quality nature of the product remains without the texture or colour of the banana changing.

While smoothies are the most popular use for frozen fruit, OOB Sliced Bananas can be used in anything from baking to cooking or a snack.

smoothie bananaloaf Banana_Cake_Cream

We just gave away FIVE $30 OOB vouchers. Congrats to our winners:

Alison Beale of Panmure
Violet Palmer of West Auckland
Patricia Comber of Napier
Wayne Gulliver of Kaitaia
Randeep Patel of Mt Roskill

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