This easy-as Chocolate Crackles recipe is great for cracker Guy Fawkes parties, lunchboxes, class treats, gala days, birthdays or to sell at a little roadside stall. The kids will enjoy helping out as they’re very easy. Nothing better than creating stuff with your children in the kitchen, they get a real sense of achievement. Those retro Choc Crackles used shortening, so to modernise, this chocolate cracker crackles recipe has a few sneaky choccy bars instead.

For Chocolate Crackles, you will need:

200g Moro Bars, chopped up into small squares.
2 tablespoons of cream (we love Lewis Road)
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
3 cups Rice Bubbles
20 cupcake cases

How to make Chocolate Crackles:

Place 20 paper cases into cupcake or muffin tins.
Melt the Moro bars, cream and cocoa in a glass bowl over simmering water in a pan.
The bowl should not touch water. Stir the mixture until smooth.
Put the Rice Bubbles in a large, separate bowl.
Pour in the chocolate mixture and stir until well mixed.
Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases.

To serve:

Top with a small slice of Moro atop each crackle.
Kids enjoy with milk, adults with a steaming, hot coffee.

Kiwiana tips:
Make these for a cracking Guy Fawkes night or Christmas-ify them with white, red and green lollies or red and green glace cherries.
Place a small chocolate fish atop each choc crackle. (Serves 20)

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