This super summer salad will make sure you enjoy a sociable, foodie and very berry Christmas! You just can’t beat a green and red salad on the Christmas table and this will wow everyone including Santa! For a fresh and tasty festive salad to share with friends and family, just follow this simple recipe, which will leave you plenty of time for having fun over the silly season.

Christmas Salad, Serves 6

To make the Christmas Salad, you need:

To grab a packet of Krispkut Cos Romaine Hearts.

Chop them in half, then simply add:

1 punnet strawberries, sliced

½ cup dried cranberries or craisins

1 small bunch of green grapes (seedless is best)

1 ripe, firm avocado, diced

½ cup mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil)


Once it’s looking colourful and enticing, drizzle a favourite dressing or vinaigrette over the top to bring out the Christmas zest. Serve as a perfect accompaniment to your festive feast.


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