Here is a couple of delicious Brazilian recipes for you to sink your teeth into!


Chicken Skewers

Serves 4–6   

  • 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz) skinless chicken thigh fillets, each cut into 3 piecesbrazilian cachaca chicken skewers
  • bamboo skewers, soaked in cold water
  • baby cos (romaine) lettuce leaves, to serve
  • ½ cup coriander (cilantro) leaves
  • ¼ cup mint leaves 1 lime, cut in half

Cachaça marinade

  • tablespoons olive oil
  • 60 ml (2 fl oz/¼ cup) cachaça (see note)
  • juice of 1 lime
  • zest of 2 limes
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 cup mint leaves, torn
  • 1 long red chilli, finely chopped
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon soft brown sugar 1 teaspoon sea salt flakes


To make the marinade, combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Add the chicken pieces to the marinade, stirring well to coat. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap (or transfer the whole lot to a zip-lock bag) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Preheat a barbecue grill to medium and lightly grease with oil.

Thread the chicken pieces onto the skewers and cook on the grill, turning occasionally, for about 6–8 minutes until cooked   through.

Pile the lettuce leaves onto a serving platter and place the skewers on top. Scatter with the coriander and mint leaves, and squeeze the lime juice over the top.

Note: Cachaça is a popular Brazilian distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice. Locally it may be referred to as ‘holy water’, ‘heart opener’ and ‘tiger breath’. It is available at large liquor outlets. This recipe is best started a day ahead to allow the sensational bold flavours to develop.

grilled peach with caramel sauce

Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone & Caramel Sauce

 Serves 4 

  • 35 g (1¼ oz/¼ cup) whole hazelnuts
  • 4 peaches, halved and stones removed
  • 1 tablespoon softened butter
  • 75 g (2¾ oz/1?3 cup) mascarpone cheese

Caramel sauce

  • 140 g (5 oz/¾ cup) soft brown sugar
  • 185 ml (6 fl oz/¾ cup) cream zest of ½ lemon


Preheat barbecue grill to medium low and lightly grease with oil.

Heat a small frying pan over medium heat and toast the hazelnuts for 1–2 minutes until toasted and fragrant. Set aside to cool and then roughly chop.

To make the caramel sauce, combine the sugar with 60 ml (2 fl oz/¼ cup) of water in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring until the sugar has melted. Use a wet pastry brush to brush down the side of the pan to dissolve any remaining sugar crystals. Bring to the boil and cook, stirring, for about 8 minutes until the mixture turns a light golden colour. Remove from the heat immediately.

Set aside to cool for a few minutes then stir in the cream and lemon zest. The mixture may foam a little. Stir until smooth.

Brush the cut sides of the peaches generously with butter and place, cut-side down, onto the grill. Cook for 4–5 minutes or until grill marks appear.

Remove from the heat and serve immediately topped with mascarpone, caramel sauce and hazelnuts.

Recipes extracted from Feed The Man Meat by Oscar Smith, published by Smith Street Books, RRP $35

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