One more week of our kiwi summer. If you still have them, now is the time to start dusting off those good old fashioned preserving jars to save your fruitful summer bounty from the home garden.

Nothing gets as close to the taste of a New Zealand summer as home preserves or homemade herb salts.

Line up the jars of summer fruit preserves in your pantry and they glint like medieval stained glass giving you endless satisfaction! See our recipes and tips pages for preserve and jam recipes and ideas. Our favourite this time of year? Zucchini Jam… mmm.

Preserving Basil:
One of the easiest ways to preserve summer flavour is to freeze fresh basil from the garden. Harvest in the morning when the concentration of oils is at its greatest. Wash your basil and allow to dry, separate the leaves and place in a lidded plastic container and freeze. Frozen basil is only suitable for cooking, but it imparts the delicious flavour of fresh basil to sauces, casseroles and stews. Homemade Basil Pesto is also fantastic.

Make your own Herb Salt:
Another idea is to make herbed salt by combining sea salt and fresh torn herbs (use a single herb or a combination to suit) in a ratio of 2 salt to 1 herbs. Store in a resealable bag until the mixture is dry then transfer to jars/grinders for use.

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