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We live here and love here – but what do you actually know about what gets made here? This fun quiz will tell you just how much knowledge you actually have! Answers at the end. No peeking!

  1. What is the Te Reo word for food?
  2. To the nearest million, how many sheep are there in New Zealand?
  3. sheepWhat is paua known as abroad?
  4. Where does the annual Wildfoods Festival take place?
  5. Where will you find the Brancott Estate winery?
  6. In what area of New Zealand is the majority of kiwifruit grown?Patrick-Materman-sampling-wine-at-the-Brancott-Estate-Heritage-Centre
  7. NZ greenshell mussels are renowned for their health properties, but they are particularly good for one part of the body. What is it?
  8. ANZAC biscuits are a Kiwi favourite. What does ANZAC stand for?
  9. Which baking company hosts the popular annual Pie Awards?
  10. Which New Zealand company has just launched a Double Cream Custard?





Answers: 1) Kai; 2) 29 million (29.48m); 3) abalone; 4) Hokitika; 5) Marlborough; 6) Bay of Plenty; 7) Joint mobility (5 mussels provide almost 100% of your iodine and selenium needs, and 1/3 of your daily protein); 8) Australian and New Zealand Army Corps; 9) Bakels; 10) Lewis Road

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