Some people say that they need to ‘alkalise’. And they want NZ naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon to give them something  to achieve this.

Why do you think you need to alkalise?  They either say they’ve just heard it’s important, or that they feel it’s necessary. (They often add that they have been eating too many acidic foods & drinks lately).

So Lisa asks, ‘What exactly are you trying to alkalise’?

Generally the answer is, ‘My whole system’. Now, while I’m aware there are 12 different systems in the body, I’ve never heard of one called the ‘whole system’. And if there was such a thing, I’m sure it wouldn’t appreciate being made wholly alkaline, as optimal pH varies throughout the body!

Lisa suggests rather than take something additional to help alkalise, wouldn’t it be easier to reduce the amount + frequency with which they consume their acidic foods — to see if this helps first?

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Lisa Fitzgibbon:


Like so many natural health practitioners, naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon, says the job chose her.

Having trained and then worked in advertising both in New Zealand and the UK, Lisa started to feel a distinct disconnect with her chosen profession at the time.

“Let’s just say after 5 years in the industry it stopped sitting well with my philosophies on life and I knew I needed to change,” she explains.  “It wasn’t too long after this realisation that I decided to retrain and embarked on a 3-year degree in naturopathy.”

Studying naturopathy as a career path was also brought on by a serious health issue at the time after waking one morning completely unable to move from severe pain and stiffness throughout her whole body.

“All my muscles had gone into an excruciating spasm,” explains Lisa.  “This affliction seemed to come on overnight and I woke up feeling like I had been in a car accident.”

Scared and not knowing what was happening to her body, Lisa embarked on a journey to get to the bottom of what might have been wrong and as it transpired she had a significant intolerance to gluten, dairy and even carrots!

“The whole subject of nutrition and its effect on us, fascinated me and while I’ve been healthy ever since, it was certainly a turning point for me,” says Lisa

Lisa describes her naturopathic philosophy as very different to most other Natural Health Practitioners. She challenges the health benefits of green smoothies, Chia seeds, super foods, Kombucha and raw baking etc and advocates just a simple and balanced diet and lifestyle.

“Most food trends and extreme diets become fashionable and then just huge marketing scams.  They often make claims that are quite daft when you think them through,” explains Lisa.   “I believe that I have a strong, new take on health – one that is altogether more balanced and far easier to stick with.”

“For example, I don’t mind if my clients have a little sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in their diet so long as it’s in moderation of course.  I discourage excessive exercise or subscribing to extreme diets of any kind.  Most importantly, I tell my clients to stop being so worried or obsessed with their health- that’s my job!”

“I like to think that I bring my clients back to reality,” says Lisa.


Lisa Fitzgibbon is a qualified and registered naturopath, medical herbalist and holistic nutritionist.  She has recently set up OOMPH, a new clinic in Grey Lynn.

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