Independent New Zealand brewery Hallertau makes two additions to their iconic numbers range of crowd pleasing craft beers: Number 5 and Number 6.

Being a Session IPA, with ‘double the hops and half the tipsy’ the number 6 has been adopted as the ideal beer for band practices and gigs; and with Hallertau collaborating with many loved New Zealand bands over the years, including Logg Cabin, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Fly My Pretties, Beast Wars, Hopetoun Brown, Dictaphone Blues, the #6 has a natural place in the music world.

download-5 download-6

 The back story with the numbers:

It all began in 2005, when the Hallertau Beer Fountain at Riverhead first flowed, each beer was simply given a number and a matching colour – leaving the names open to the local’s interpretations. Curiously, the numbers became a remarkably effective way to order a beer, and they just stuck.

 The opportunities are endless as to where and how you use the Hallertau numbers. It’s the philosophy held by the brewery that with the combination of simple and good ingredients, comes infinite permutations and possibilities.  This philosophy also underpins the many creative collaborations, inventions and outpourings.

 What it says on the bottle:

#5 HALLERTAU Pilsnah. 5.0% ABV



De-sweat your brow. Lawns mown. Hay bailed. Yoga stretched. Innings had. Here’s the pils reward. Citrus. Wood chips. Unexpected hop notes.



#6 HALLERTAU Session IPA. 3.8% ABV


Double the hops, half the tipsy. The preferred beer of band practices. Ensures the rhythm section stays in time. Actual crispness. Utter freshness. Afternoon sun. Four to the floor.

Let’s go!


Available in striking 330ml six packs at a RRP $22.95 from Fine Wine Delivery Co. and other fine beer retailers.

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