Nespresso makes recycling even easier…

Nespresso has partnered with global recycling and upcycling pioneers TerraCycle to expand its recycling programme. As part of the partnership, Nespresso now has an additional 75-plus recycling collection points in florists and garden centres nationwide, from Invercargill to Kerikeri.

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In addition to the new drop-off points, the aluminium capsules can still be taken to any of the five Nespresso Boutiques across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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The used capsules are then picked up by TerraCycle and sent to a recycling plant in Auckland. At the plant they are recycled into two streams; the roast and ground coffee is separated and then transformed into compost, while the aluminium capsules are smelted.

Nespresso’s outgoing Country Manager Guillaume Chesneau says making it easy for Club Members to recycle the aluminium capsules is an essential ingredient to the company’s sustainability ethos. “As pioneer of the coffee capsule, we are committed to helping our Club Members make positive decisions in relation to recycling their Nespresso capsules. We choose aluminium for our coffee capsules because not only does it protect the quality of the coffee while maintaining the freshness and aromas – it is also an infinitely-recyclable material.

“Aluminium is the only material we have found that protects the coffee from the harmful effects of air, light and moisture and preserves ultimate freshness and aroma. “We’ve had a capsule recycling programme since our first New Zealand Boutique opened in 2011 as sustainability is a non-negotiable commitment for us. Much of that involves ensuring our Club Members have the opportunity to hear and understand the messages about where and how to recycle.”

Nespresso is committed to continually evolving and expanding accessibility to recycling collection points. “We plan to grow the number of collection points and ensure greater awareness of them to increase use by our Club Members throughout New Zealand.”

To make transporting used capsules to collection points easy, clean and fuss-free, Nespresso has developed a special air-tight recycling canister – available to purchase online or in Boutiques.

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