Perfect Lamb and Chickpea Salad

How colourful and healthy does this salad look? Creamy ricotta, New Zealand lamb, choice chickpeas and colourful salad greens make this Lamb and Chickpea Salad a divine-tasting, health-giving scrumptious family meal.

Serves 2 – 3


200g mixed baby lettuce leaves
1 red capsicum, roasted & sliced
200g can corn, drained
400g can chickpeas, drained
2 lamb fillets, cooked and sliced
250g Ricotta
Lemon infused olive oil to serve
Ground cumin for garnish
Warm flat bread to serve


1. In a large mixing bowl toss together the baby lettuce leaves, capsicum, corn and chick peas.
2. Divide salad into individual serving bowls.
3. Top with slices of lamb.
4. Serve with a large dollop of ricotta. Drizzle with lemon infused olive oil and sprinkle with ground cumin.
5. Serve with warm flat bread.
BBQ chicken fillet, beef or pork may be used instead of lamb.
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