The New Year heralds a time for setting resolutions, and for many this involves a focus on a healthier lifestyle, sizing up exercise regimes and assessing food and beverage choices.

If you’d been planning on cutting down carbohydrates, then Stella Artois Légère* is for you – a crisp, premium lager with less than half the carbs of Stella Artois**.

Stella Artois has long been known for its heritage, quality and supreme craftsmanship. Stella Artois Légère is the low carbohydrate alternative with the same values, an elegant look, and a smooth, well-rounded flavour.

Stella Artois Légère is available in 12 bottle packs, with an ABV of 4.6%. RRP$26.99

Look out for the distinctive silver box in store.

* A note on pronunciation: The “g” in Légère is a soft sound, (like in “mirage”) and the second syllable rhymes with “affair”. (Think “j’adore the flair of Légère”).

** 1.0g of carbohydrates per 100mL, compared to 2.7g per 100mL in Stella Artois


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