The highly collectible artist, Sid Dickens launches his latest collection of ‘Memory Blocks’ early March.This ten-piece collection is a quasi-retrospective, with each tile taking cue from Dickens’ past works and personal experiences.

It is through his own personal introspection that Dickens hopes viewers will in turn reflect on their own purpose and passion.

“All events in life – the good and the bad, the heartfelt and the painful – give us an opportunity to reflect and strengthen our connection with others through empathy and emotion. We laugh, we cry – we experience life in all its forms by simply being human. We have the ability to not only hope and dream, but to also carry out these aspirations through action,” says Dickens

In classic Dickens style, each hand-crafted tile features heavily on the historical motifs, and finished to a porcelain like quality or cracked to mimic aged stone.

“People like to feel they are an integral part of the story of humanity, and my tiles have the weight and feel of another era, a time when things were more permanent and long lasting. I think it’s this aspect of the tiles that makes people want to reach out. In essence, they want to touch history.”

Since their inception in 1991, ‘Memory Blocks’ have gained a worldwide following. Not only do they decorate the walls of top hotels and restaurants, his works can be found in the private homes of Sir Elton John, Sting, and Bono. This proclivity extends to New Zealand with works selling for RRP$160.

Sid Dickens will be in Auckland on Saturday March 4th, signing his Memory Blocks at Hedgerow in Remuera at 11:00am and Flying Saucers in Botany Town Centre at 2:00pm.

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