Global beauty expert, Arbonne has expanded its popular botanically-based product range to include a comprehensive nutrition line, now available to New Zealanders.

A relative newcomer on the Kiwi beauty scene, Arbonne was developed in Switzerland more than 37 years ago. Founder, Petter Mørck worked for a cosmetics company and was unsatisfied with ingredients that were not beneficial to the skin. After much research and development with a group of leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists, Mørck released a range of skincare combining the best of nature and leading science that allowed users to champion beauty from the inside out.

Since its initial skincare range launch in 1980, Arbonne’s product offering has evolved to also provide cosmetics, hair care, baby products and now, nutrition. Anthony Dene, Vice President and General Manager of Arbonne Australia and New Zealand, believes keeping the core essence of the brand has led to its success and expansion into a range of different products.

“At Arbonne we are focused on developing products that are good for the whole family by using plantbased formulas of the highest quality. We understand customers need to know the ingredients they are putting on their skin as well as digesting.

“Arbonne products are safe, non-toxic, and we’re committed to being eco-friendly. We also have a strong policy on formulating products without animal products or by-products,” added Mr Dene.

The Arbonne nutrition range includes ten products designed to aid digestion, energy, cleansing, skin support and weight management.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our nutrition range to New Zealand following the popularity of our skincare and cosmetics ranges. Sure to become daily staples are the Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost and Arbonne Essentials Greens Balance for health-conscious Kiwis, as well as the Arbonne Essentials Nutrition Bars for on-the-go snacking,” said Dene.

Arbonne nutrition products are now available from

Click here for a catalogue Arbonne nutrition catalogue

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