Grin Natural, the Kiwi business dedicated to making our pearly whites brighter the natural way, have unveiled their latest innovation, two new 100% natural Kids Tooth Gels.

More than 30% of adults smile over 20 times a day, but those with the greatest smiling superpowers are children, who smile as much as 400 times per day. *

With this in mind, Grin has created New Zealand’s first 100% natural tooth gel for kids. Grin’s 100% Natural Kids tooth gel is a gentle, effective gel, specifically formulated to give the kindest treatment to baby teeth.

Developed in cooperation with New Zealand Dentists and Chemists, Grin has kept in mind the palates of children under six and created two delicious sugar free tooth gel flavours – strawberry and orange.

Grin kids tooth gels are free from toxic nasties, added sugar, artificial flavours and other harmful ingredients commonly found in other children’s oral care products.

These tooth gels are specially formulated for children aged six months and up and contain only Mother Nature’s natural teeth cleaners; certified organic calendula flower oil for gum health; certified organic sea salt for a natural antiseptic; certified organic aloe vera leaf extract to treat and prevent teeth and gum disease; and natural silica gently cleanses and prevents plaque build-up.

Grin Natural Marketing Manager, Tara Tan said they chose to develop an all-natural kids tooth gel because they were concerned with the potentially harmful chemicals used in regular children’s oral care products.

“We’ve created our tooth gels using only natural ingredients because of the amazing health and wellbeing properties they present and it’s important to us to offer Kiwi parents an all-natural alternative for looking after their child’s teeth,” says Tan.

Grin’s strawberry flavoured and orange flavoured kids tooth gels will be available at selected supermarkets and health and wellbeing stores nationwide.

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