Summer has come to an end and if you’re currently in Auckland you’ll know this by just looking outside.
Tile Depot has just released its hottest Autumn trends, which feature a range of porcelain, wood and metallics.

Luxurious porcelain 

Porcelain slabs depict spacious surroundings, mimicking open spaces and creating a high-end design feel with fewer grout lines making spaces seem bigger and more streamlined.  

Super sized 600 x 1200mm and massive slabs at 1500 x 3000mm are making a splash internationally, with soaring demand. They’re thinner and lighter than natural stone, so are easier and to install, and cost significantly less.


Neutral Nature

Luscious wooden floors that never need sanding or resealing, don’t get scratched or worn and can be wet without absorbing moisture or warping. 

Almost too good to be true, but not really. Say hello to  woodgrain porcelain. Not a design fad but a practical and sustainable alternative to natural wooden floors that are classic and here to stay. 

With simplification flavor of the month, softer, smoother designs are pushing distressed and aged timbre designs to the side for a more cleaner feel. 

You’ll also enjoy glorious under floor heating with timbre tiles, giving you that cozy warmth underfoot as we move from Autumn into the Winter months.


Bling is Back

Shameless bling. We love it. While the dominant flooring are expected to be soft this Autumn, neutral and natural designs, eye-catching metallics, glass and crackled mosaic and subway tiles are also all the rage for the spectacular statements they make through small details on your walls. 

Feature wall areas in kitchens, bars, bathrooms and even entranceways are in for a bit of glamour and bling. 

Metallic and shiny is back, combined with the texture of smaller tile formats because they add light, movement and luxury to any space. Bronzes, silvers, greens, rosy shades and blues promise to light people up – literally.

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