Introducing the Ambrosia range from Baré, a natural skincare range delivering the proven benefits of botanical extracts. Now available for the first time in the United Arab Emirates, the Ambrosia range includes three serums boosted with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid that help deliver deep hydration, essential protection from aging free radicals and fast-acting cellular rejuvenation for taut, radiant, younger looking skin.

The Baré Ambrosia serums are made in Australia and are formulated to visibly improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Using advanced bio-chemistry and molecular biology to act on the skin at the cellular level, the Baré products provide essential nutrients and stimulate cell activity to replenish cells and actually repair cellular structure for sleek, glowing skin.

The vital ingredient in the range is Kakadu Plum – which has the highest content of natural vitamin C antioxidant on the planet – found only in the Australian bush and a staple of Aboriginal bush remedies throughout history.

The Baré Ambrosia serums minimise the damage of age by stimulating collagen synthesis, enhancing cellular regeneration and deliver antioxidant protection to revitalise the skin and shield against environmental damage. The unique Australian  botanical extracts act swiftly to repair tissue damage, boost moisture absorption and soothe irritation for soft, supple skin.

Baré products are free from palm oil, synthetic fragrances, SLS, talc, silicon, phthalates, siloxanes, triclosans and phenoxyethanol to work in harmony with nature and offer visibly beautiful, luminous skin. Made in Australia, they are also cruelty-free as they are not tested on animals.

The Range:

–  Ambrosia Serum for Normal Skin packed with nutrients from the Kakadu Plum, Lime Pearl and Combretum Flower Extract working to provide natural moisture in a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum to speed up the hydration process at its source and provide smoother skin. Gentle exfoliation stimulates the skin in conjunction with powerful natural AHA’s to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress, restoring luminosity and reducing the evidence of ageing.

  • Ambrosia Serum for Dry/Sensitive Skin is powered by the antioxidant-boosting Kakadu Plum Extract with a dash of Tasman Pepper Fruit Extract in a base of Argan Oil and Oat Bran. The serum offers a thirst quenching and replenishing lift to the skin’s layers to both prevent drying and increase the skin’s capacity to retain moisture. Elasticity and suppleness return to dry/sensitive skin while fine lines and the signs of ageing are minimised.

– Ambrosia Serum for Oily Skin uses the amazing Kakadu Plum Extract with Mastic Tree Resin, as well as Lillypilly Fruit, Lemon Aspen and Davidson Plum Fruit Extracts in a base of Chaulmoogra, Nigella Sativa Seed and Manuka Oils. The result is a powerful clinically proven bouquet of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory extracts working to minimise acne, blackheads, whiteheads and dilated pores for smoother, more radiant skin. Its lightweight texture makes it easily absorbed for oily skin.
The three serums are available in award-winning 45 ml packaging with an RRP of $125.

The company draws its name and inspiration from the adventuress and spirited French woman Jeanne Baré, who was the first female to circumnavigate the globe back in the 18th century.

Watch this space for more products in this vibrant, fresh Baré range for women who know their beauty and appeal is more than skin deep.

Anoop Mohan – Founder of Baré  In his own words:

After growing up in Zambia and then in Kerala, I was schooled at Pallikoodam. A school owned and run by legendary woman’s rights activist Mary Roy, she was the force behind abolishing the centuries old practice of dowry in India. Also the mother of Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy, I had the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder and work with like minded students for numerous environment and social causes like the dangerous Narmada dam that threatened to wipe out the eco system of an entire region.

After training to be a Mechanical Engineer, I worked in the Internet of Things domain as a part of the first Platinum rated Green Building in the Middle East as well as the technology behind the Dubai Smart City.

I returned to my passion in food and agriculture by returning to Kerala and starting my farm. A land of very small scale farming with a lopsided advantage to the middle man and money lender, I initiated a collective and integrated farming for those in my city. Selling under our unified brand and quality control, the farmers in this program returned back to profitability.

I understand that if there is to be real and sustainable change in the way we live, the food we eat, how we grow it, and our environment, women have to play a major role. I have seen the benefits of strong women throughout my family and would like to propagate the critical success factors that such women bring to anything they touch. After a year of traveling in Australia in part to understand the native culture and in part to learn about the Bush, I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people like the chief of a matriarchal tribe. Their unique way of raising their young as a collective responsibility where men and women are equal, as well as their unique relationship to the land and its offerings that have helped them thrive for 50,000 years fascinated me no end. Inspired by the journey of self discovery more than anything else, I created the first line of Baré serums.

Baré: Bespoke natural extracts

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