Nespresso has launched an extremely rare Limited Edition coffee from the lush region of Caquetá, Colombia, a coffee that has remained inaccessible for decades due to instability in the region. Literally translated to ‘Dawn of Peace’, the Pure Origin Aurora de la Paz honours the farmers who continued to preserve and cultivate this scarce coffee despite local conflicts. By investing in the Caquetá region, Nespresso aims to help smallholder farmers rebuild their local coffee industry and provide them with a new source of sustainable income.

Grown in a unique Colombian climate of low altitudes and temperatures with high humidity, Aurora de la Paz is a coffee of medium intensity* level 5 and best enjoyed as an Espresso.

Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan commented: “This Limited Edition coffee is notably different from other coffees in Colombia due its’ sweet and balanced profile. Traditionally, Colombian Arabica is bright with fresh acidity whereas the profile of Aurora de la Paz reveals toasted cereal and sweet fruit notes thanks to the unexplored terroir and light roast.”

The launch of Aurora de la Paz builds on Nespresso’s 13-year presence in Colombia, during which the company has worked closely with farmers through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. In partnership with the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (FNC), Nespresso will introduce its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in Caquetá.

The AAA Program™ now includes more than 35,000 Colombian farmers, and over 70,000 farmers in 12 countries. By working collaboratively with farmers and agronomists, the program helps farmers implement best farming practices, providing technical assistance to ensure quality and sustainability. The program focuses on water and soil management to protect the environment and book keeping training to develop a sustainable financial future. Through their participation in the AAA Program™, the farmers are able to improve their coffee quality and achieve better productivity and standards in environmental and social welfare.

“Growing coffee can be a challenging business and even more so when farmers are faced with political turmoil in their country. Nespresso has a long-term commitment to its coffee farmers and a responsibility to the communities where we work – our investment in Caqueta is helping those affected by the conflict to rebuild their communities and improve their livelihood,” says John Ciaglia, Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager.

“This initiative illustrates how the private sector can contribute to the post-conflict process. Nespresso’s work in Caquetá and other areas will provide farmers with the means to revitalise the coffee industry in the region, with a view to long-term development, peace and stability,” says Rafael Pardo, Post-Conflict Minister for Colombia.

Roberto Velez, CEO of the FNC, comments, “The investment by Nespresso into the Caquetá region is significant for our country and its coffee farmers. Our farmers produce some of the best coffee in the world, but the conflict has meant many have had to leave their farms. The small number who remained have only been able to produce a limited amount of coffee. Through our work with Nespresso, we will support the farmers who have remained and encourage those who were displaced to return. We also plan to follow the government’s plan to reintegrate into society and work life those who have participated in the conflict.”

Due to the rarity of Aurora de la Paz, the Limited Edition will be available until stock runs out from Nespresso Boutiques, by visiting The RRP for a sleeve of 10 capsules is $11.30.


* The Nespresso intensity scale has been created to help consumers differentiate between their favourite Grands Crus. The intensity is defined by looking at three aspects – an evaluation of the roasted notes, the bitterness and the body.

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