After the hustle and bustle of Summer harvests, Autumn can unfortunately be a much maligned season with many complaints of cooler weather and the odd bout of rain.

But fear not my gardening friends for Autumn (always 1 March-31 May) is the best season for many areas of the garden. Here’s why we love New Zealand in Autumn…

Autumn is the best season for:
–    Sowing or repairing your lawn
–    Planting bulbs
–    Planting broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower
–    Planting citrus
–    Planting cover crops
–    Digging in compost
–    Feeding wild birds
–    Making soup
–    Feijoas!

Garden Diary – Autumn (March, April, May):

– Dig over and prepare planting ground with Tui Organic Compost additions or a green manure crop.

– Protect ripening grapes from birds with netting.

– Cut out all old raspberry and loganerry canes.

– Trim kiwifruit vines of excess growth prior to harvest.

– Thin out some of the branches from peach trees when the crop has been removed. The wounds heal better at this time of year.

– Remove runners from strawberries.

– Apply Tui Citrus Food to citrus trees early in the autumn.

– Store only sound fruit. Slightly damaged specimens should be used immediately.

– Harvest pip fruit: apples, pears and quinces. Store apples and pears in the fridge.

– Cape gooseberries, figs, grapes, lemons, mulberries and passionfruit, feijoas, medlars, olives, persimmons, tamarillos and elderberries begin to ripen.

– Harvest nuts: almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Dry nuts on frames and store in mesh bags.

More info on all things gardening in Autumn, check out our very own Trudi in the garden. Just click on

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